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Departmentat a Glance          : It isA Self Fianc� Course of DCA/PGDCA started from 7 Aug. 2018.

Seminar                                   : 01 Organized

Workshop                               : Computerliteracy & training programs for Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff.

GuestLectures                         :02 Days

Activities                                : HardwareMela for Students (DCA & PGDCA)

FacultyMembers                     :02

Events                         : 02Workshop in 2 Years for Teaching Staff

No. ofStudents            :UG   21                        PG 39

Result                                       :DCA – 80 %

                                    PGDCA – 95% 


Our vision is to provide skilled resource person in the field of computer application and information technology to our society, so that our upcoming generation may translate our society at par to world level knowledge. Our specialized vision is to bring the youth of Chhattisgarh especially tribes on main track of modern knowledge to generate livelihood among them.


To fulfill above vision our mission is –

  • To produce skilled stakeholder to the society in the field of computer science and information technology with various forms of degree.
  • To generate job oriented skilled society.
  • To make literate our society for computer science.
  • To provide solution to all branches of knowledge by the help of information technology

  • Faculty profile with name, qualification, designation,specialization (D.Sc./ D.Lit./ Ph.D./ M.Phil. etc)






    No. of Years of Experience

    Ku. Shama Hashmi



    Computer Science

    Gold Medals in Karate.

    National Playas & Chess  

    05 Years

    Smt. Shailja Tiwari

    MCA, MSc.(C.S.)


    Computer Science

    Got may medals & Certificate for singing competition

    05 Years