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Profile of the Department of Physics: In present time era technology plays avital role and it’s very important to know how it work and what is the core ofit and for this we must  know aboutscience .In 1987 at  Govt. Kamla Devi RathiGirls P. G. College department of physics was formally opened under Pt.Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur (CG) and which is now under HemchandYadav Vishwavidyalaya, Durg (CG) from academic session 2017-18.

Number of teaching posts :







Assistant Professor



Guest Lecturer




1.      Number of non –teaching posts:




Lab technician



Lab attendant






2.      Faculty profile withname, qualification, designation, specialization (D.Sc./ D.Lit./ Ph.D./ M.Phil.etc)





No. of Years of Experience

Ms.  Varsha Verma







3.      Detail of Achievementsof Faculty Member :

1.      Varshaverma

        University Merit position in M.Sc. 2015,SOS of Physics and Astro physics, Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur(CG)

        Council of scientific & IndustrialResearch Human Resource Development Group (CSIR) Natitioanal Eligibilty Test Examqualified in Dec. 2017 & Dec. 2018

        Chhattisgarh state eligibility test(SET) Exam qualified 2017 & 2018

        Participated in Two week ISTE short termTraning programe on Enginerring physics conducted by IIT ,BOMBAY.

        Participate in state level workshop onRecent Advances in Mathematics and their Application 2018

        Participate in Natinonal conference onRecent Advances in Mathematics and their Application 2019

       SWOT Analysis


       Faculty involved in the activities likeresearch and participation in the seminars, workshops and hands on trainingprogramme and extracurricular activities etc.

       The use of technology along withimplementation of effective teaching strategies.

       Conduct regular practical courses asrequisitions of prescribed syllabus Dedicated and committed faculty andtechnical staff.

        Actively co-ordination between other facultymember of college.


       In sufficient space in laboratory is themajor problem corresponding to the increasing students in Under Graduate Level

       Insufficient laboratory equipments

       Lack of awareness about computer andother advanced technology in students due to rural background

       Poor English knowledge and communicationskills of students

       The student entering the college  are not well-versed the basic knowledge.

       Student belonging to rural area have no knowledgeof computer.


       Student can make a career in researchand also different field .

       To increase more exposure of students inscience and technology

       Scope for field based research.


        Financial constrains in up gradation of laboratory.

        Advance and updated  version equipments are required as per thestudent requirement.

11. Plan of Action :

       To assess the necessities of student byidentifying their area of weakness and strength and planning effective remedialclasses , guest lecture and seminar for them.

       Students are given opportunities fordeveloping organizational skills and leadership qualities by givingresponsibilities.

       To promote the students for researchactivity and presentation of their work apart from the syllabus.

       We will try to upgrade department as aP.G. department.

       Well establish lab with computerfacility .


5.       Demand ratio :


Demand ratio




6.       Number of Students


No. of Students



7.       Departmental activities :

Organized by Department:

        Department and College CleaningActivity, inspired by Clean India Mission, dated : 02/10/2017

        Organized world Ozone day, date :16/09/2018

        Department and College CleaningActivity, inspired by Clean India Mission, dated : 02/10/2018

        Organized a Guest Lecture in  Physics for Under Graduate students, dated :22/01/2019, Guest Speaker – Mrs. Preeti bala Taunk, Head of the Department ofphysics, Govt. Digvijay Autonomous P.G. College, Rajnandgaon (CG)

        Celebrated Dr. Homi Bhabha Anniversaryby Department of physics date – 30/10/2019

        Organized a two days  “National conference on Recent Adavance inPhysical science” with colleberation of International Academy of Physicalscience jointly organized by Department of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry,dated : 18/11/2019 - 19/11/2019

        Celebrated Vivekananda Jayanti, jointlyby Department of Physics and Math’s ,Chemistry dated : 12/01/2019

        Department and College CleaningActivity, inspired by Clean India Mission, dated :  02/10/2019

        Organized a Guest Lecture in physics forUnder Graduate students, dated : 22/01/2020, Guest Speaker – Mrs.S.K. Patel Asst.Prof., Govt. Digvijay Autonomous P.G. College, Rajnandgaon (CG)

Organized by Students:

        Celebrated Teachers Day, in the memoryof Sarwapalli Dr. Radhakrishnan, dated : 05/09/2017

        Celebrated National Youth Day, date :12/01/2018

        Celebrated Teachers Day, in memory ofSarwapalli Dr. Radhakrishnan, dated : 05/09/2018

        Celebrated National Youth Day, date :12/01/2019

        Celebrated Teachers Day, in memory ofSarwapalli Dr. Radhakrishnan, dated: 05/09/2019


8.      Teaching plan preparedand executed :

       Conventional Black Board, Green Board –Chalk method, technology aided lectures, demonstration, group discussion andone day study tour.

       To enrich students in respectiveacademic programme, they are asked to prepare themselves to deliver lecture inclassroom by PPT to develop confidence.

       The students have interaction withoutside experts, who visit department as special guest lecturer and examiner.

       Questioning and answering approach,display of visual charts.

       Assigning problems to solveindependently.

       Supply of well prepared study materialsand guidelines for practical’s and updated theories behind practical’s wellbefore the commencement of laboratory experimental practices.

9.       Best practice in curricular aspect :

       Group discussion

       We organize guest lecture for Under Graduatestudents.

       Due to lack of space, equipments andmaterials facility in lab for practical work, we designed alternative practicalsfor Under Graduate students based on their syllabus.


10.    Analysis of feedback :

       There should be proper facility of drinkingwater, washrooms and comman room in college

       There should be proper equipments  facility for practical works

       Post graduation should be start in thissubject.

11.    Library:                                                                                                       studentsaccess the college library. The department does not have any library for undergraduate students.

       Total no. of books of Physics in collegelibrary for the use of under graduate  student – 638

12.   Future Plans :

       Setting up a departmental library forUnder Graduate students.

       Overall improvement of departmentalinfrastructure with well equipped laboratory.

       Post graduation should be start in thissubject.